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Premium Hardwoods - Enjyu Kendama - Unpainted

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Quick Overview

A deluxe JKA clone kendama made from the wood of the Japanese pagoda tree by the makers of the Oozora kendama.

Product Description

The Oozora official JKA kendama made by Yamagata Koubou uses the wood of a kind of birch for the ken and sarado, and cherry wood for the ball. These are fine hardwoods, but they are not the most expensive of hardwoods.

As lovers of fine woods the people at Yamagata Koubou felt compelled to create their Premium Hardwoods Collection, a series of deluxe versions of its competition kendamas using more exotic and expensive hardwoods. This version is made from "enjyu," or the wood of the Japanese pagoda tree, a legume tree with the biological classification sophora japonica. The wood used has been aged for 15 to 20 years by Yamagata Koubou itself, which means that the wood has a low moisture content and is less susceptible to warping or distortion than "greener" woods.

Enjyu is the darkest and most expensive wood that Yamagata Koubou uses for kendamas, with the most visible grain pattern. Enjyu is used in high-end traditional Japanese handcrafted items like wooden trays for tea sets.

The harder wood results in less noticeable ball denting and spike smashing, so these retain their appearance better than Oozoras do. In addition the spike seems to slide in easier to the ball hole than on Oozoras. And the sound that they make is very satisfying.

These are offered in unpainted versions only, in order to show off the wood and its grain.

These kendamas are made by Yamagata Koubou on the same production line as the Oozoras, to the same dimensions, using the same tooling and jigs. They differ from Oozoras only in the wood used.

These kendamas are not official JKA competition kendamas. This is because the JKA enforces a price range for kendamas that carry its official seal in order to keep them affordable and fairly available to competitors of all budgets and ages. But the Yamagata Koubou Premium Hardwoods Collection has been approved by the JKA to carry its "Recommended Product" seal, which is affixed to the base of the ken.

Note: The Premium Hardwoods kendamas do not include a spare string and bead. Spares can be ordered separately.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Yamagata Kobo
Ball Color Unpainted
JKA Certification Uncertified JKA clone
JKA Seal Color N.A.
Country of Origin Japan
SKU enjyu17

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